Wintershall – opening event for the Maria Field

Celebrate the opening of the Maria Field for employees and guests.

Responsible for content development, planning and production of the opening event.

Oil production at the Maria Field started on December 16, 2017, almost a year before the plan and at costs far below budget. For Wintershall, this was their first field as operator in Norway, and they wanted to celebrate the opening for their employees and invited guests.

Kulturkompaniet focused on content and design elements that created the right balance between a formal opening and the elements that characterizes the company culture in Wintershall Norge. The administrative head of the Department of Petroleum and Energy, Lars Erik Aamot, made the official opening. Followed by dinner and entertainment, including from Janove, musicians from SSO and Winterhall’s own husband who performed the appropriate song “Maria” from Santana, to great applause from the guests.