Statnett – Implement safety culture program

Training program focusing on employee safety.

In collaboration with Statnett, we developed the organisational culture program, ”SECURE” (SIKKER), lasting for more 1,5 years, and consisting of various activities and gatherings.

Statnett operates about 11 000 kilometres of high-voltage power lines, and 150 power units across Norway. HSE is an important part of the organisation, and the company has a zero tolerance vision for injuries related to people, environment and society. To ensure that the employees get a better and safer workday, the program focuses on being alert during the workday, risk tolerance, role understanding, etc. We invited the employees for various activities and gatherings:

  • Acting method/role playing
  • Program management
  • Reflection practices
  • Talks
  • Facilitation
  • Participant administration and evaluation

A total of 1 800 people participated in the program. Statnett has continued the program on sites by arranging workshops and repeating the thematics from our gatherings.