Sandnes Kommune – Opening of the City hall

Invited the whole city to a party

Kulturkompaniet developed – and implemented – the program together with wonderful committed employees from the municipality of Sandnes. The goal was to create pride, reduce the threshold to the City hall – and serve 3000 wheat buns…

What to do when you open a new City hall and invite 77.246 people?

You offer a carousel – an adventure carousel, where you go from station to station, from floor to floor – and is greeted with new experiences and impressions as you go.

Here are some of the ingredients that were served when Sandnes municipality opened its new City hall in Vågen January 2019:

  • Mayor Stanley Wirak
  • Actor Alexandra Gjerpen from the TV series «Young promising» (Unge lovende)
  • Author Janne Stigen Drangsholt
  • Vågen Dansekompani
  • Brass Horn trio and strings
  • The Phantom of the Opera on organ from the third floor

And much, much more!

Every hour, the city’s residents were welcomed to the city’s new grand hall by the trio Stanley Wirak / Alexandra Gjerpen and Janne Stigen Drangsholt.

Then the tour went into the City hall – with guided tour, meetings with the architects, dancing, drama, the brass horn trio – and 3.000 bowls served by the city’s politicians, plus living encyclopedia.

Living Encyclopedia? Sure, drama students from Vågen Secondary Scool who whisper funfacts about Sandnes in the ears of those who pass.

You have probably already understood the purpose of the event. It was to open the new City hall in Sandnes. But the goal was also to create pride for residents and employees in the municipality, to reduce the threshold to the City hall, to show that Sandnes is a municipality in development and growth.

“Kulturkompaniet delivers – always! Thank you very much for your good and constructive cooperation. The opening of the City hall gave us exactly what we needed – a look from the outside with professional eyes, and insights from within with great local ambassadors from our own population. This meant that many got ownership to the new City hall, and we found that everyone was proud of the new building, ”says Tone Strømø, Director of Culture in Sandnes municipality.

Kulturkompaniet developed the program for the opening event, together with a wonderful committed team from Sandnes municipality. Kulturkompaniet was responsible for the activities and the execution of the program of the day, which we have long experience with.

A new City hall is not opened every day, but maybe you need help developing and implementing an event for employees, customers – or who it might be? Then we would like to talk with you!

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