Neptune Energy – Kick off

Kick-off event for the new company – and new culture

Have you heard of when the British, the French, the German – and a bunch of Norwegians should become one? The result was – among other things – an Italian village party.

A new, exciting oil company is in the start phase as a result of the British fund Neptune Energy acquiring the Norwegian part of German VNG and the oil and gas business of French Engie.

The main characters in this story are the offshore heroes at Gjøa, onshore heroes in Florø, Oslo and Stavanger – and a new top management with ambitious goals.

In December 2018, the question came whether Kulturkompaniet could help Neptune Energy to make a real start-up for the new organization.

The goal was a gathering that engages, which builds community and pride to everyone who works in the company.

The goal was also to start a new storytelling, to get a joint start on the building of a new culture. Either one came from the Gjøa platform, from Engie, VNG – or Shell, where the new chief executive, Odin Estensen, worked earlier.

The result was a full-day gathering in Stavanger Concert Hall. First half in the Kuppelhallen with professional content, second part in with food, mingling and a cozy, Italian village atmosphere in the Zetlitz hall.

– The feedback from colleagues, both the close ones, the new ones and the offshore employees, was generally enthusiastic. The part of the day that covered the professional part did not only provide greater insight into which company we are and will be – but several expressed a pride in working for Neptune and with so many talented colleagues. A cool and completed ending in Zetlitz, with long tables and mingling, turned out to be the perfect framework for getting to know each other better and starting the development of a new common culture, says Liv Jannie Omdal, Communications Manager at Neptune Energy Norway.

Kulturkompaniet helps to strengthen the DNA of companies – by engaging people and brand. We do this by listening, understanding and acting on the wishes and needs of the company.

We are humble – and proud – of being able to contribute to cultural building for companies in change. Is this something for you? Then we would like to talk to you!

Ole Petter Søllesvik

Pssst: Neptune is the eighth and outermost planet in the solar system counted from the sun, and the only planet it is impossible to see from the earth with the naked eye. It is named after Neptune, the Roman sea god. It is the fourth largest planet in the solar system by diameter and has the third largest mass. Source: Wikipedia