Martin Linge – strengthen security culture.

Training of Martin Linge project employees in communication tools to reduce injuries and accidents.


Develop, plan and deliver training courses, in close collaboration with Rosenberg Whorley Parsons.

Martin Linge is an Equinor-operated oil and gas field west of Oseberg in the North Sea. The field has estimated recoverable resources in excess of 300 million barrels of oil, with expected production and lifespan extending into the 2030s.

Martin Linge is an ongoing project consisting of many nationalities, different companies, disciplines and cultures. The goal of the training is to create a “Martin Linge team”, where the threshold for daring to talk to each other and care shall be low. The project is also an important contribution in building a good project culture.

The training has consisted in training project employees in the SAZ (Serious about Zero) tool through interactive participation, practical training and awareness.

“Serious about Zero” is a proactive conversational tool that emphasizes open questions and the good dialogue into the security conversation. By doing it the right way, the employees themselves can start reflection on work operations that can detect risk and thus prevent unwanted events and accidents.