Lyse – opening of Lysebotn II

Official opening of Lysebotn II – a new power station

In cooperation with Lyse, Kulturkompaniet assisted with concept and content development, project management and execution of the event.

Over four years, over a hundred workers have worked to create a new power station in Lysebotn. It has been drilled 1500 meters into the mountain in the middle of the Lysefjord, and now Northern Europe’s most technologically-developed power plant has opened. The new power plant, named Lysebotn II, will replace Lysebotn I with new tunnels, more efficient aggregates and larger production.

The water supply in the power plant is up to 60,000 liters per second. The amount of water flowing through the tunnels could have filled a 50 meter swimming pool in 42 seconds! The power plant will produce 1500 GWh a year, which corresponds to electricity to 75,000 homes annually.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg made the official opening and both external guests and employees took part in the opening event.