Honeywell – Training

Training program for experience based communication


Honeywell Safety Products is a global manufacturer of leading Personal Protection Equipment, and sell advanced ear protection products.

Hearing problems and injuries are still the most frequent work related injuries, according to reports from The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. This is happening despite the fact that there are many good quality protection products on the market. Honeywell Hearing Technologies have developed a high tech ear aid, based on advanced QUIETPRO technology. Their main target is to give optimum, verifiable ear protection and provide clear communication in environments with higher noise levels.

Initially, our actors and communication trainers used SINTEF’s noise and hearing lab to gain more knowledge about the ear aid’s functionality, and learn about advantages and effects when correctly used. Together with specialists, we consequently developed a training and learning program based on experienced based communication.

The training program is based highly on the participants’ own experiences – since they are the specialists who know the actual situations and challenges during their workday. It was important that the training program was perceived as relevant and well targeted. We stressed that the training should influence the participants at an emotional level, to create a greater understanding, awareness and learning effect. It was also important to have smaller groups, in order to achieve more engagement and participation from each person.

The feedback from the courses were excellent. The participants highlighted their participation and the practical training as being positive.