Stavanger Havn – Havnelangs 2017

The port of Stavanger invited the public and showed them the myriad of activities happening around the harbour.


Inspired by many other Norwegian ports, Stavanger Port wanted to give the people in the Stavanger region the opportunity to see how the port is operated today, how it was run in the past, and how we perceive the port in the future.

One of our main tasks was to contribute to ”sell” this vision to the various players, and the actual users of the port. Merete Eik, Stavanger port’s CEO, challenged Kulturkompaniet to create a concept targeted for youngsters, seniors and families. We worked hard to sell the concept, in addition to creating the program and managing the event.

The event was spread out – from Stavanger Concert Hall to Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and included visits at supply ships, playing computer game Minecraft by using navigational charts, fireboat visit, drug hunt with dogs from the Customs Service, and “building your own boat” at Stavanger Maritime Museum, etc. To the children’s delight, “Elias”, the little rescue ship from Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue, also came to visit!

All in all, 40 different participants took part and showed their enterprise to the public through various activities and demonstrations. The event had about 10000 visitors.