Sparebank1 SR Bank – SR festival

Festival for employees in the Stavanger Region.

Providing ideas, consulting, and management of a 1-day festival for 900 employees in the Stavanger region.

The festival’s overall target was to build pride and awareness internally in the whole organisation, and provide social meeting places for employees across various professions and geographical destinations. The program was therefore developed to be motivating and to provide engagement and cooperation.

The day time event was activity-based and planned so the employees could experience Rogaland in a fun and exciting way. Kulturkompaniet also arranged a competition, where we used our game application for mobile devices. The employees participated in 90 teams, and were encouraged to visit as many destinations (20 in total) as possible in a local district – Ryfylke. On each destination, they were given physical or knowledge based tasks, and they also meet representatives from the business, bank clients  and local tourist attractions . Due to restricted time available, it was impossible to visit all 20 destinations, so part of the team effort was to choose pace, tactics and which places to prioritize. This way, the participants also created their own personal story and experience of the day.

The employees were also invited to an evening event in Stavanger Concert Hall for good food, entertainment and socialisation.