Lyse Perspektiv – Creating proud employees.

Every autumn, Lyse arranges their big internal event Lyse Perspektiv, focusing on creating proud employees.

Develop and coach proud employees/speakers capable of promoting Lyse as a company, by using their good and clear communication skills.

Lyse is an energy and technology company owned by the municipalities in the Stavanger region. Lyse has about 1100 employees and concentrate more and more on future-oriented technology. The company experiences strong growth and work actively to develop their corporate culture – from energy company to an innovative technology company.

Every autumn, Lyse arranges their big internal event Lyse Perspektiv, focusing on creating proud employees. The aim is to ensure that all employees are updated on the companies’ recent activities, in addition to creating pride, enthusiasm and excitement.

Lyse Perspektiv gathers around 650 employees, and Kulturkompaniet assist by developing the program, arranging presentation skills training, and managing the event. The conference lasts for 8 hours and offers an exciting program with internal and external speakers and presenters. Kulturkompaniet assist the project group with consulting, budget control, direction and dramaturgy, as well as the technical production, implementation and management. Kulturkompaniet is also responsible for the participant administration, invitations, design and product design.

The event Lyse Perspektiv is a flagship for the company, with great resources invested in order to create proud and motivated employees.