BI handelshøgskolen – Course module

Course in communication training

In collaboration with BI Norwegian Business School, we have developed a new training program based on the themes: corporate climate for sharing your opinion, and fallibility.

The challenge was to engage and exemplify what the themes imply, not at least how we give each other support and resistance, communicate complaints and compliments, and give constructive feedback.

We challenged the students to train for how they gave each other feedback in their workday, and how they handled critical situations. By using hired actors and ”dialogue theatre”, the participants were exposed to response alternatives and had to react in practice, based on realistic scenarios. This way, they had the opportunity to test it out in a safe and controlled environment. The dialogue theatre was based on a fictional working place, where:

– The participants got to know three employees with different personalities and working methods, in the middle of a reorganisation process.

– The participants analysed different situations, what was at stake ­– and how they could adjust towards a better feedback culture by looking at different response alternatives.

– The participants reflected on their own experiences during the learning process, through recognition and by observation.