Veidekke industri – Implement safety culture program

Train employees in conversational tools to enhance safety culture.


Develop a dialogue tool and arrange a communication training program.

Veidekke is one of Scandinavia’s largest contractors and property developers. The company carries out all types of construction projects, develops residential projects, maintains roads and manufactures asphalt, gravel and gravel. The company is continually working to reduce the amount of accidents on their sites. In collaboration with Kulturkompaniet, they have developed the tool ”Conversations about Safety” (Norwegian: SOS, Samtaler om Sikkerhet), focusing on the importance of communicating with each other about safety related situations during their workday. The employees have a great responsibility for themselves – and for each other. We therefore implemented various activities to engage and create awareness about the issue. The program consisted of:

  • – SOS training camp – 1-day introduction course for bigger groups
  • – SOS at the working place – dialogue/guidance/consulting/follow-up courses for smaller groups at the working places, and in the actual work situations

We worked on different levels in the organisation, with the managers and the employees on the construction sites. Kulturkompaniet provided consulting, training, actors, logistics, and event management.

SOS is an ongoing project with a positive drive, and has contributed to the reduction of the company’s H-value (frequency of working accidents). The feedback from the management is that the SOS program is a great contribution to their Health, Security and Environmental (HSE) work.