Conocophillips – Implement safety culture program

Train employees in conversational tools to enhance safety culture.

Develop a dialogue tool for the staff, and manage activities and a training program to achieve better communication between the employees.

In 2004, the multinational energy corporation Conoco Phillips started a process to reduce the number of unwanted incidents offshore. Together, we developed the dialogue tool PSI, in order to teach the company’s employees how to communicate with each other about work related tasks and situations. Based on different themes, we created a training program, activities and lectures.

We trained the employees (including management, offshore and onshore personnel) through lectures, “dialogue theatre”, situation training, introduction courses, a training camp for operational staff, guidance, and consulting and follow-up of the training at the work places, and in actual work situations. The training program was implemented in Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and Great Britain.

Approximately 40 000 course participants have attended PSI learning, organised by Kulturkompaniet since 2004. In the period 2005-2012, when the program was intensively implemented, the number of unwanted incidents was reduced considerable.