Bouvet – at the home field

This is how the IT giant strengthens the corporate culture

Take a look at the wonderful picture of Team 9! They give all they have in the legendary “toy boat-blowing-with-straw-competition”. That’s how it looks when Bouvet celebrates its annual Independence Day.

“We are very committed to our corporate culture, our identity, our community. It is said that the culture is in the walls. I totally disagree with that. Culture is in our people, in the behavior and the norms that characterize us, in our traditions. Independence Day is a tradition that relates to this. That’s why it’s so important to us”, says Bjarte Gudmundsen, regional leader in Bouvet Rogaland.

Bouvet left the Swedish-owned Cell Network in August 2002. Since then, independence has been celebrated, as surely as it is May 17 and Christmas Eve.

The company has just celebrated with games, competitions, battles against old Viking soccer athletes at SR-Bank Arena, team games and much more fun.

Engaged in storytelling
“Independence Day is a great opportunity to tell each other who we are, where we are – and where we are going – in new ways. We are passionate about the good story, experiences, community and inspiration. Independence Day is one of the keys to our culture”, says Gudmundsen, who has led the Rogaland office since 2013. Today, there are 530 employees in the region.

Kulturkompaniet delivered – again!
During previous Independent Days, Bouvet has been in Scotland, in the Ryfylke fjords and also celebrated his 15th birthday on a beach in Nice, to name a few. This year, the day was organized “on the home field”. “The concept worked incredibly well. Again, Kulturkompaniet provided what we needed to further develop and strengthen our corporate culture”, says Gudmundsen.

A number of local companies and organizations were engaged on Saturday 31 August, amongst them the volunteers at Storhaug Unlimited, “Bymisjonen”, Free store, the Red Cross, “Ryfylke  friluftsråd” – as well as activities with employees from Gründerhub, SUS 2023, Rogaland Theater and Aker BP.

“The folks we met did a fantastic job! Am so impressed with the volunteers – and for the job they did for us. We had various competitions throughout the day with content like technology, sustainability, culture – and lots of humor. We did receive a lot of good feedback during the day, which we also use throughout the year in cultural building”.

How was the fight against the soccer team Viking, by the way?
“We went towards a draw, agreed to play two laps of 10 minutes, Viking’s coach Bjarne Berntsen was referee and made sure everything went well. Then it turns out that Viking scores the decisive 3-2 goal 40 seconds in additional time! There we should have had a VAR judgment! What was Bjarne thinking?”, tells the Bouvet boss and chuckles.

The fight against the dark blue Viking soccer team, which Bouvet is proudly sponsoring, was a highlight. The same was Johan Brungot, who guided us through the day. Not to mention the concert with The September When…

Kulturkompaniet and Bouvet have been collaborating on cultural building in the company for more than ten years.

“Edmund, Ole Petter and the others in Kulturkompaniet know us and understand us. They are great at finding what we need to get ahead. Each year, they have been able to further develop and strengthen our culture. Kulturkompaniet are skilled advisors, skilled in planning and implementation. They are also easy to work with. We are very impressed with the work Kulturkompaniet does for Bouvet”, says Bjarte Gudmundsen.

Kulturkompaniet is good at engaging people and brands to strengthen companies’ DNA. We do this by listening, understanding and acting on the company’s wishes and needs.

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PS: Bouvet Island is located in the South Atlantic and is considered the world’s most remote, uninhabited island. The nearest mainland is Queen Maud Land, 1700 km North of Bouvet Island. 93 percent of the island, which is under Norwegian administration, is covered by glaciers.