Stavanger Kommune – Kickoff 2020

When three became one – the wedding of the times for the new Stavanger municipality!

We are talking about the wedding party of the time when three municipalities and 10,226* employees were to start their life together. Welcome to Kickoff 2020!

We are talking about the wedding party of the time when three municipalities and 10,226* employees were to start their life together. Welcome to Kickoff2020!

– It was incredibly nice, says Anita Bakkland Helgesen.

On a daily basis she is an advisor for organization and negotiation in the municipality of Stavanger, in this context she was project manager for Kickoff2020, which rolled over the new municipality in January.

Take a look at the pictures, and you’ll understand why Anita – and thousands of her colleagues – had a week out of the ordinary in week 3.

We are talking about an employer with 10,226 employees, distributed in about 400 different places from Ombo, via Byre, Brimse, Fjøløy (there are 37 islands in Stavanger municipality), Stokka and all the way to Forus.

– We wanted to focus on common identity, our culture, on our beautiful, diverse municipality. We wanted as many of our colleagues as possible to have a great experience. The answer was the “take away concept” that was developed together with Kulturkompaniet, Anita explains.

180 activities in one week
The rest of this text is not about pizza, cinema or burger, but about lectures, concerts, quizzes, photo competitions, a special Fuelbox developed for the municipality of Stavanger (!) – and a number of other activities during a spectacular week.

– Nearly 180 activities were carried out. We had concerts in lunchrooms in kindergartens, lectures in nursing homes, schools, workshops. Culture, motivation, work environment, collaboration – and communication were the topics. But first and foremost, we wanted to give the talented people who work in the municipality a magical respite in everyday life. An experience they will not forget, says the project manager, who tells of very good feedback.

Everywhere in the municipality
The program was a blissful mix of storytelling with Gunnar Roaldkvam, concerts with Bjarte Mo, Lena Rise and Tone Samuelsen. A bunch of good internal people were challenged to give lectures.

– We had guided tours in the center of Stavanger, to Utstein Kloster, to the «German cave» west of Finnøy. We picked garbage at the Åmøy beaches – and had mini concerts at Hesby church, says Anita with great empathy – and possibly still a little moved.

A project group in the municipality – and Kulturkompaniet – was behind Kickoff2020.

– Kulturkompaniet has done a fantastic job of designing the concept based on our conversations. They have done a tremendous job of finding artists, speakers, sewing it all together.

Very satisfied
– We are very pleased with the work Kulturkompaniet has done for us. They quickly realized what we wanted. We considered several companies for the job. Kulturkompaniet immediately understood what we wanted to achieve. They have always had time for us and are very professional in their execution, says Anita Bakkland Helgesen.

We thank Stavanger municipality for a demanding – and incredibly fun – job. We also really appreciate good feedback. Thanks!

* There were 10,226 employees in Rennesøy, Finnøy and Stavanger municipality as of December 31, 2018. More facts about new Stavanger municipality can be found here.

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