Avinor – Preparing employees

Learning and training program for the new airport terminal’s operating concept.

In April 2017, Oslo Airport at Gardermoen opened the new terminal, T2. The airport extension and changes created a totally new work situation for the employees. Our role was to prepare them as adequately as possible for their new workday.

Oslo Airport handles 30 million passengers annually. The airport’s target is to be among the top 10 in Europe for client satisfaction, and to be the leading airport on punctuality. In order to succeed, the employees need to fully understand their brand inside and out. Together with the service designers in EGGS Design we therefore developed a learning and training program, where the intention was to get a better understanding of the terminal and the new terminal concept.

Kulturkompaniet was one of the suppliers of:

Communications training of Avinor executives, who was trained to run classes together with trainers from Kulturkompaniet

Course implementation: In relation to the training, a “learning trip” was developed for all employees and contractors. One of the moments of this “journey” was the course in a new operating concept as human preparedness building. Kulturkompaniet completed approx. 150 courses with more than 10,000 employees along with executives in Avinor.

Orienteering race: 10 «orienteering races» were arranged, with up to 1000 participants per run. The purpose with the races was to help the participants to get familiar with the new T2 terminal. The race consisted of multiple stations, each of them illustrating and underlining the terminal’s operating concept. Kulturkompaniet was responsible for one of the stations, in cooperation with the management group.

Kulturkompaniet worked closely with Eggs Design, which was responsible for the service design for the new terminal. We also had close dialogue with Avinor project owners.

13,000 employees, in 1,000 separate companies, joined this learning and training program.