Region Stavanger – Event for ambassadors

Annual event for Region Stavanger’s Ambassadors.


Contribute with content for the event program, and communication skills training for the presenters/speakers.

The destination company Region Stavanger’s ambassador program offers support to individuals and organisations wanting to create national or international events in the Stavanger region. Region Stavanger arrange an annual event for the ambassadors taking part in their “Ambassador Program”. This is important, since more activity and an increasing number of events highly contribute to value creation and the region’s reputation.

Our role was to help the organisers to highlight the event’s main message, in addition to choosing communication form and means. The event’s credibility was utterly strengthened by the program managers’ presentations. We were responsible for their training, and focused on contents, manuscript and dramaturgy. We also contributed with managing the event, booking of premises, and entertainment.

The event is good PR in itself, and creates positive attention. It was successful and has become an important means to attract more of the region’s players and event organisers.