Agder Energi – Training in safety culture

Development and execution of program with engaging, humorous style

49 hydropower plants, high-voltage power lines, large construction machinery – and tree felling. The employees of Agder Energi have a number of reasons to train for good safety culture. That is why Kulturkompaniet is on this electric team.

It is about raising awareness, about dialogue and systematic training. The goal is to avoid injuries, primarily to people, but also to equipment.

Use reflex!
Agder Energi has developed a new program for everyone involved in and around work on the 49 power stations and the power grid, a program called Reflex (Refleks). First out were the leaders, who were to get hold of the content and make it their own, to be able use the program themselves. Next phase was to roll the program out to all employee and contractors in an engaging, inspiring and fun way.

Theater and involvement
“We have, among other things, contributed with interactive theater and various training sesions. The purpose is to inspire and engage, by playing out scenes and situations that people recognize. Then it quickly becomes fun”, says Trygve Eichinger Vassbotn, actor and project manager for courses and training in Kulturkompaniet.

The program for Agder Energi was first presented during their annual HSE day in 2018. Since then it has been rolled out to all employees in the operative part of the company, which has its head office in Kristiansand. Kulturkompaniet has assisted with the development and implementation of the program, including train-the-trainers-program for the managers.

“It has been really fun to work with Kulturkompaniet, which catches everyone with its energy and empathy. In short, I can describe Kulturkompaniet as engaging, serious and humorous. We look forward to next time!” says Bård Tobiassen, HSE Manager at Agder Energi Group.

We thank you for the description, Bård, and we are proud of this engagement and cooperate with Norway’s fourth largest producer of electric energy. We are also looking forward to the next time we meet!

Kulturkompaniet are experts in programs for dialogue and training in corporations. We can participate in the development and implementation of corporate programs, and in the training of managers and key personnel who are to lead and train other employees. Is this something we can help you and your company with? Then we would like to talk to you!

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