About us

Get to know us! We are proud of who we are, and what we do. We practice what we preach, and stay engaged and motivated. This is reflected in our actions and results.

Kulturkompaniet is a forward-leaning company, and we have shared our energy, joy and expertise with a multitude of companies around the world since 1995. Our headquarters are located in Stavanger, but our hearts and heads take us wherever they are needed. We have a large network within the cultural and business sectors. Good communication and cooperation is, after all, our thing!

Our team

Ole Petter Søllesvik

Managing director

Kjell-Steinar Bakkene

Administration and collaboration tools

Jasmina Tvedt

Project leader and designer

Edmund Rossland

Project leader

Knut Larsen

Project leader

Line Kjærran Norling

Project leader

Espen Kvark Kvernbergh

Project leader, courses and training

Dorthe Kennedy

Project leader, courses and training

Trygve Eichinger Vassbotn

Project leader, courses and training

Linn Pettersen

Project leader, courses and training

Gry Marie Bjørnsgaard

Accounting and account management

Stine Oliversen

Production assistant